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Painted Branch
Painted Branch

What to expect 

My goal is to create a memory for you and your family in a fun and natural way.  I particularly love to record people being themselves, caught quickly and unposed, which I find to be the truest reflection of ones family connections.  

I aim to find a balance between natural portraits and candid photojournalism. 


My priority for the session is to focus on your own unique family connection. I want you to feel the joy and love you all had with one another on that day.

I'm happy for you to be apart of the creative process. I am willing to listen to all of your ideas and work together to create something magical.

What's included

I never want for you to have to choose your favourite pictures or to restrict you of any photos taken on the day. You will be allowed access to every photo which is taken on the day.

All pictures will be sent to you in a private folder via google drive.  You will have access for up to 1 months after, giving you time to download.


Package Prices 

Painted Branch
Painted Branch

Please note, all prices are in Hong Kong Dollars

Travel cost may be added depending on location.

Family beach shoot 2019-78_edited.jpg

New born shoot

Capture all those little newborn features which disappear so quickly.

0 - 2 months

60 - 90 minutes

home shoot

 roughly 80 pictures



Smile & wave 

Capture your family in one quick family shoot.

No frills, no fuss, only fun.

20 min

family portrait 

 roughly 15 pictures



Happy home 

Get every one together for some fun, either at home or choose a favorite family spot to document this stage of life right now.

60 - 90 minutes 

location of choice

 roughly 80 pictures



Anything extra

tailor make your own shoot

9 month mini series shoots 

Document all the stages of your pregnancy, monthly.

9 shoots

15 minutes / shoot

same location of choice 

 5 pictures per shoot



Final trimester shoot

Capture the final stage of pregnancy in all it's beauty.

 45 - 60 minutes 

location of choice 

 roughly 60 pictures



Tiny toes shoot

Have fun capturing your little wrigglers every day life as they know it.

3 months - 2 years

45 - 60 minutes

location of choice

 roughly 60 pictures


Move and shake

Capture a couple candid photos of your little one as well as a few of styled pics

3 months - 5 years

90 - 120 minutes

numerous styles

location of choice 

 roughly 120 pictures


Family beach shoot 2019-68_edited.jpg

Short & sweet

Capture your favorite place in Hong Kong

45 - 60 minutes 

location of choice 

 roughly 75 pictures


Scenic strolls

Choose between colourful Central or bustling Kowloon to get some iconic Hong Kong snaps. We'll take a walk, take some pics and have all the fun.

90 - 120 minutes 

location of choice 

 roughly 120 pictures


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