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Painted Branch
Painted Branch

Because every picture has a story to tell.

For me it's easy. It's capturing those moments that tell a story - those moments that take you back to a special time in your life. Whether it's welcoming a new soul into the world, making a home in a new country or just documenting your life so your children can one day show their children. It's all unique, it's all special and it all becomes a part of who we are.

I like to capture lasting images that take you back to the sounds of laughter, silly stories and bring you back to the moments you hope to never forget. 

Behind the name 

Hong Kong is phonetic translation of the city name 香港 based on Cantonese pronunciation. The name 香港 means fragrant harbour and was given this name due to the to it being an agarwood transport hub for Guang Dong province, agarwood was used to make fragrances. A beautiful name for a beautiful city. 


The nickname 'Black dot' dates back to the years of trade, and the years before Google maps. Singapore was generally known and placed on a map as the little red dot and later Hong Kong was dotted in black. The origin and date of the nickname are unknown but what we do know is that the little black dot has grown into a spectacular metropolis with a significant reputation, it has also become my home.

It's the little moments that you want to cherish forever.

Hong Kong family photographer. 

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